Rovo - Solo

Brings motion to the workplace
Rovo - Solo

ROVO SOLO, the new stool, brings motion to the workplace. Sitting, standing, moving are alternating almost automatically.

The SOLO is a complete novelty which was developed by ROVO together with Mr. Henner Jahns, General Manager of design office Gecco Vision.

The concept of flexible movement to promote health is essentially based on the proven and patented ERGO BALANCE technology which is integrated in the foot and also under the seat. The two different elastomers guarantee a secure hold in each position. To be able to sit in this way improves the circulation and relieves strain on the spinal column and intervertebral discs.

The design (Gecco Vision) very clearly communicates the function of this seating furniture. In the standard version a ring encircles the seat cushion. So you can easily carry, shift or move the ROVO SOLO.